• Condiment machine

  • food processor

  • spiral metal belt

  • bent rubber belt conveyor

  • rubber belt conveyor

  • rubber belt conveyor

  • Food mould

  • vermicelli machine

  • single-broadsword noodle cutti

  • cooking net chain for intant n

  • heat resistant slat chain

  • high-density heat resistant ne
  • chain plate conveyor
    chain plate conveyor
    belt conveyor
    belt conveyor

    Ningjin County Hengsun chain conveyor Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the northwest region, since ancient times, "Jiada tartet," said the East, North China is an important transport hub. Specializing in the production of metal mesh belt, stainless steel chain, network chain, chain network, and so on. Widely used in food, printing, clothing, shoes and hats, glass jars, lamps, metal, utensils, chemical fiber, electronics, powder metallurgy, coal preparation plant, power generation, footwear, metal heat treatment,....