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    Ningjin County Hengsong chain conveyor Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the northwest region, since ancient times, "Jiada tartet," said the East, North China is an important transport hub. Specializing in the production of metal mesh belt, stainless steel chain, network chain, chain network, and so on. Widely used in food, printing, clothing, shoes and hats, glass jars, lamps, metal, utensils, chemical fiber, electronics, powder metallurgy, coal preparation plant, power generation, footwear, metal heat treatment,

        Company products are the following five series

        First, the conveyor machinery and equipment series of turning machines, plane conveyors, elevators, and other mainly used for food, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries transport, packaging. For the feeder, bottle machine and other professional for the glass products industry. I can learn according to the specific requirements of customers customized various transmission lines.

        Second, the network with a series of types of network, according to the type of specifications, there are: diamond-shaped network; double helix with, herringbone mesh belt, B-band, horseshoe-type mesh belt, According to the use of the main points are: food mesh belt, drying mesh belt, tunnel kiln mesh belt, heat treatment mesh belt, fruit and vegetable cleaning mesh belt, puffed mesh belt, quick-frozen industry net belt, spraying equipment mesh belt, Stove belt and so on.

        Third, the network chain, chain network series Network chain is based on the network, together with the chain, pole to achieve a better delivery effect, the network according to the type of specifications, mainly: diamond-shaped network; double helix Chain, herringbone chain, B-type network chain, horseshoe-type network chain, bending network chain. According to the use of the main points are: food network chain, drying chain, tunnel kiln network, heat treatment network, fruit and vegetable cleaning network chain, puffed net chain, frozen industry chain, spraying equipment, network, Stove chain

        Fourth, the conveyor chain plate series of chain plate According to the use of points, mainly chip conveyor chain plate, dryer chain plate, cleaning machine chain plate, quick-freezing machine chain plate, chain plate transport capacity for more carrying capacity line.

        5, chain sprocket series are stainless steel roller chain, stainless steel conveyor chain, double pitch bending chain, double pitch conveyor chain, pitch 100MM chain, frozen conveyor chain plate, AB series of short pitch precision roller chain Double row roller chain; single row of roller chain; steel cold drawn machine chain; three rows of roller chain industrial chain; four rows of roller chain; metallurgical chain; plate chain; plus long pin conveyor chain ; Hollow pin chain chain heavy chain bending chain; pipeline chain; oil drill pipe production chain; tooth chain steel chain conveyor chain; bending chain chain tooth chain chain; large roller chain parking chain; environmental chain; Variable chain chain; non-standard chain of special chain; sleeve roller chain to various models of flat-top chain, a dedicated chain products are also heat treatment furnace high temperature mesh belt; coating equipment mesh belt; cleaning machine network belt; food cleaning conveyor chain Stainless steel chain plate; double rotary energy-saving mesh belt; fuel injection cooling belt; B-type mesh belt; baffle conveyor belt; chain conveyor belt; freezer chain network; single freezing machine chain network; frozen horseshoe chain; High temperature mesh belt; Double-mesh belt; baffle conveyor belt; chain net belt; stainless steel freezer chain network; single-freezing machine chain network; parallel turn Machine, coating equipment mesh belt, vegetable dehydration line equipment with stainless steel mesh belt, net chain, chain network, chain, shaft and so on.

        We have a professional technical team and a wealth of industry experience, in the entire project implementation process to provide customers with a full range of services. It is our primary goal to provide the best cost-effective solution for our customers' production and logistics needs. We are very focused on product quality management, we have high-quality products, attracting more and more customers. In particular, the factory production of stainless steel conveyor belt with network chain, its quality and sales have been dominated by the domestic industry. Our products are mainly exported to Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan, Shandong and other places of the food machinery factory, chemical machinery factory, and consistent with the customer praise!

        We always "to the best products dedicated to the user" as a corporate purpose. We firmly believe that only customer satisfaction is the business development and growth of the premise. To provide customers with zero defect products is the constant pursuit of the enterprise goals. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to buy, use our plant products.