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    The Steel Mesh Belt Conveyor Is A Supplement To The Traditional belt conveyor

    The steel mesh belt conveyor is a supplement to the traditional belt conveyor, which overcomes the shortcomings of net chain conveyor belt tearing, piercing and corrosion, providing customers with a safe, fast and easy way to transport. As the net belt conveyor using modular mesh belt and net chain plate, and the transmission method using sprocket drive, so the conveyor belt is not easy to snake, deviation, and because the belt can withstand solid cutting, collision, and oil, water and other characteristics, making the industry Use will not cause trouble in the maintenance, especially in the replacement of conveyor belt, steel mesh belt conveyor to reduce the cost of a more. The use of different materials of the mesh belt can play a different role in the transport and to meet the needs of different environments, we modified by the plastic material to the conveyor belt to meet the ambient temperature of minus -10 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius between the transport requirements.

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