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    In the 4th age of industry, Chinese enterprises are facing great challenges

    The industrial data experts, the White House Information Systems Consultant Li Jie (Jay physical Lee), mentioned in the "big data industry" in the book, with 4 of the industry opportunities, promote Chinese technological innovation, model innovation and service innovation, is the biggest opportunity and challenge facing enterprises China.

    When we talk about the changes brought about by the industrial transformation, it is easy to see the typical technical features, and ignore the most primitive driving force for the transformation, that is, the eternal pursuit of new value creation. If the three industrial revolution from mechanization, scale, standardization and automation greatly improved productivity, industrial 4 and three times in front of the biggest difference is that no longer for manufacturing productivity needs as a starting point, but the client value as the starting point of the whole industry chain, change the industrial value chain from the production side to the consumer side, the upstream to the downstream drive mode, from the value of the client needs to provide customized products and services, and to do a common goal for the whole industry chain, so that all aspects of the whole industry chain to achieve collaborative optimization, essence is the transformation of the industrial perspective


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