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    Routine maintenance

    1, chain plate conveyor work process, the non custody personnel shall not be near the machine; any personnel may not touch any rotating parts. When a fault occurs, the operation must be stopped immediately to eliminate the trouble. If there is no immediate elimination, but there is no major impact on the work of the defects should be recorded, to be eliminated when the overhaul.

    2, net chain conveyor, should always observe the operation of each component, check the connection bolts everywhere, found loose, timely tightening. But when the conveyor is absolutely prohibited, the moving parts of the conveyor are cleaned and repaired.

            3. The belt conveyor should start without load, and stop when the material is unloaded.

           4, the net chain conveyor in addition to the use of the process to maintain normal lubrication and disassembly, for individual damaged parts and components, each work 6 months must overhaul. When repairing, the defects in use and recording shall be eliminated, and the replacement of waste parts and the replacement of lubricating oil shall be taken.

           5 enterprises can according to the working conditions of the conveyor to develop maintenance cycle.

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